Customer Benefits

Work with someone who understands your business

VLC can help finance your kitchen equipment and food prep items as well as your furnishings.


Minimal Upfront Cost

Lofty down payments not required. We keep cash in your hands by limiting the amount of upfront money necessary to do the deal.

Master Lease

VLC can finance the equipment you need from multiple suppliers under one agreement.

Add-on Flexibility

Need more equipment? No problem.
You can add new purchases to your existing contract hassle free.

Plain English Contracts

All of our documents are easy to read and have no "loopholes."
You will be glad you chose us.

Equipment Type

New or used.
We have no restrictions.

Discounted Early Buyouts

We offer you the opportunity to buy-out the contract with a discount and no prepayment penalty.

Baker's Dozen Plan 

13 Easy Payments


$10,000 / 12 months = $833.33 per month plus tax

2+ years time in business -1 down + 12 remaining

Under 2 years time in business - 2 down + 11 remaining

→ Invoice amount divided by 12

→ Subject to credit approval

→ Standard processing fees apply's simple & easy!

How to Apply

Vend Lease Co., Inc is the premier finance partner to the Hospitality Industry. Vend Lease offers simple and competitive financing solutions that helps
you acquire the equipment needed to grow your business.

  1. Click the “Apply Now” button and complete our simple online application.
  2. Call Direct #: 410-933-8126 or Mobile #: 410-830-9497 to speak with Eric Chesser who can assist you in the application process.

Reasons to Take Advantage of Financing?

→ It’s easier than obtaining a bank loan

→ Preserves cash reserves and credit lines

→ Acquire new equipment today and pay tomorrow

→ Financing available for Start-Ups